Children's University

The aim of the Children's University which was founded by Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2009 is to conduct research and training of teachers for the overall development of the children. It conducts workshops, training and extension services along with research for creating right environment and systems to facilitate development of children. It is the only Children University in India with the objectives being derived from the teachings of Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Sri Aurobindo.

Objectives of Children's University

  • Ideal of nationalism which is in harmony with the ideal of internationalism;
  • Education of the body, vital consciousness, mind as also psychic consciousness and spirituality should be placed in the focus of the research and educational activities of the university;
  • Education should not only impart knowledge but should also inspire character and cultural values;
  • Scientific realism and artistic creativity should be synthesised during the course of the education of the child;
  • Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be;
  • Education for life and for the journey of life that would include the harmonious growth of the individual, family, society and the world, with special emphasis on the ideal of social service;
  • Expansion of ancient wisdom in the light of modern developments and research;

Establishment of facilities, programs and activities that would promote at all levels of education concerns for the development of the child, in particular reference to:

  • Harmonious growth of health, strength, agility and health of the body mind and spirit;
  • Qualities of quest of truth and knowledge, courage, heroism, adventure, enterprise, initiative, enthusiasm and dynamism of active life;
  • Qualities of sympathy, friendliness, fairness, justice, patriotism and universal welfare in all its aspects;
  • Qualities of multiple skills and applied technology; and
  • Qualities of unity, mutuality and harmony that spring from the deepest psychic and spiritual recesses and heights that are nurtured by the processes of learning to be and to become.

The vision of the children’s university is threefold :

  • The children of today have to be prepared to become builders of the future, - the future which would be marked by replacement of competitive individualism by the synthesis of individual liberty, collective egalitarianism and universal and spiritual fraternity;
  • The future will be liberated from disabling scepticism and from comforting arrestation of quest of knowledge, and progress will be accelerated by ardent aspirations to realise higher spiritual truths and their manifestation in physical life;
  • The new world of the future will cultivate material life so as to make it prosperous and rich and it will replace poverty wherever it exists by elimination of drudgery, exploitation and slavery and encourage nobility, dignity and continuous empowerment.
  • The children’s university will lead the children of today to build a new world of friendliness, mutuality and harmony that transcends all barriers of narrowness and blind conflicts resulting from exclusivism and burden of the past that strives to linger against the pressure of the future of uplifting light and prosperity.

Departments and Programs in Children's University

Department of Education

  • M. Phil. (Education)
  • M.A. (Education)
  • P.G. Diploma (School Counseling)
  • P.G. Diploma (Prenatal Care & Education)
  • Certificate Course (Drawing and Painting)
  • Certificate Course (Vocal Music)
  • Certificate Course (Computer Application)

Department of Psychology

  • M. Phil.(Psychology)
  • M.A. (Child Psychology)

Department of English Studies
  • M. A. (English)
Department of Family and Community Science
  • M. Sc. (Foods & Nutrition)
Department of Social Work
  • M. S. W. 

Research in Children's University

Research is carried out in the following areas :
  • Parental education of parents
  • Parental care of the mother
  • Issues relating to the birth of child
  • Paediatrics (Medical and Therapeutic)
  • Issues relating to early Childhood (Nutrition, Physical Health, Development of senses etc.)
  • Issues relating to early stages of growth : Physical, Psychological, Spiritual
  • Research in education of the infant (Toddler's Schooling)
  • Research in Kindergartem education
  • Research in primary Education : Formal, Non Formal, Informal
  • Research in new curriculum (Primary and elementary level)

Training in Children's University

Programmes of In-Service Training for Teachers, Anganwadi Workers, Health Workers and others relating to various aspects of education relating to children.

Extension in Children's University

Prenatal Care :
Tapovan in the University Campus; Extension Centres of Tapovan in the State;

Every Child Matters:
Extension Centres in the State;

Bal Bhavan Activities:
Model Bal Bhavan in the Campus of the University with Extension Centres in the State;

Centre for Continuing Education and Distance Education Centres (including Telecasting) in the State.

Museum studies;

Film studio for production of children’s films

Children's University
Subhash Chandra Bose Shixan Sankul,
Sector - 20, Gandhinagar - 382020
Phone: 91 - 79 - 23244576/23244569

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